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The Alphabet David Lynch 1966 4 min. short
The Grandmother David Lynch 1968 31 min short
Death Sport Henry Suso 1978 Roger Corman Production
Eraserhead David Lynch 1978
The Elephant Man David Lynch 1980
Dune David Lynch 1984
Dune 3hr version David Lynch 1984
Blue Velvet David Lynch 1986
Zelly and Me Tina Rathborne 1988 David Lynch acts
Twin Peaks David Lynch 1990
Twin Peaks: Episode 2. David Lynch 1990
Wild at Heart David Lynch 1990 Based on the Novel by Barry Gifford
Twin Peaks: Firewalk With Me David Lynch 1992
Hotel Room David Lynch 1993 Tricks/Gettting Rid of Robert/Blackout
Lumiere and Company David Lynch 1995 Spike Lee,Costa-Gavras,Liv Ullmann,Peter Greenaway,Claude Lelouch
Nadja David Lynch, Producer 1995
Lost Highway David Lynch 1997
Pretty as a Picture David Lynch 1997 making Lost Highway
The Straight Story David Lynch 1999 Richard Farnsworth
Mulholland Drive David Lynch 2001
Alvin and the Chipmunks Tim Hill 2007 Based upon the characters created by Ross Bagdasarian
Inland Empire David Lynch 2007
Things We Lost in the Fire Susanne Bier 2007